Athletic Eligibility Policy

Liberty Common High School

7th – 12th Grade Athletic Eligibility Policy


Participation in school-sponsored athletic activities at Liberty Common High School is both a privilege and a responsibility. As members of a Liberty Common athletic team, students are expected to make a personal commitment to represent Liberty in an exemplary fashion.

The following expectations apply to all students participating in school-sponsored athletic activities.  These rules apply for each sport students choose to participate in throughout the school year. This policy only needs to be filled out once for the year.  All eligibility decisions are at the discretion of the administration. 

The Athletic Director will check grades and report failing grades to the coach. A student who has one D or F will be put on the “Planner Plan;” the planner will need to be signed by the teacher in the failing class.  The student will then need to show the signed planner (calendar, personnel planner, etc.) to the coach in order to attend practices and competitions.  The student will not be able to participate without the planner signed by the teacher of the failing class.  If progress is not demonstrated after 2 weeks, students will be ineligible to participate in the school-sponsored athletic activity until the grade is passing. 

If a student has two failing grades (D or F), they are immediately placed on probation: the student will not be eligible to participate until one of the two failing grades is raised.  Students are also to be away from the activities, practices, and contests until the grade is raised. This is not a punishment, Students should use this time to study and raise failing grades and shift their focus to academics.  If one grade is raised, then the student is placed on the Planner Plan and may be able to participate, depending on the discretion of the Athletic Director, Teachers involved, and the coaching staff.

Failure to raise failing grades will result in dismissal from the school-sponsored athletic activity for the remainder of the semester.  If you have any questions regarding the eligibility process, please speak with the Athletic Director.